Smokin' Hot Conservatives

Conservative Cigar Meet Up

For decades, we have been indoctrinated with an ideology that we can't talk about politics & religion, even that it is rude. As a society we no longer know how to talk about politics and religion.

Gather with us as we exercise our inalienable rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly as protected by the U.S. Constitution! Join other like-minded conservative thinkers while we unwind with the flavors and the aromas of the most sought after boutique and up and coming cigar companies from the unique and diverse humidor that you wont find in your normal cigar lounge. Experienced Tobacconists are on hand so you can learn more and expand your horizons on the finer things in life as we discus today's smokin' hot topics.

In 2022, Smokin' Hot Conservatives hosted our first two Candidate Meet & Greet events in Lockhart bringing candidates closer to voters.

For more information about Smokin' Hot Conservatives, contact Chip at (512)566-7421 or [email protected]




El Leon Cigar Co

1100 State Park Rd. #115
Lockhart, TX 78644